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Sugar Plant

We have earned accolades for providing the best turnkey solutions for sugar plants of different capacities. Our sugar plants include a comprehensive range of equipment, components, spares and accessories – all conforming to international quality standards. We provide both on-site as well as off-site fabrication job. The most important factor that we take duly into consideration is the pursuance of environmental and safety specifications. In our entire fabrication jobs, we consciously endeavor to ensure that our plants meet the environmental specifications laid down by local and international legislation.

Silent Features of Our Sugar Plants:

  1. Highly reliable
  2. Require less maintenance
  3. Fully automatic plant from sugar cane unloading to sugar bagging house
  4. Crystal white sugar production through sulphation/carbonation process
  5. Equipped with both air pollution control as well as water pollution control equipment
  6. Effluents and emissions within prescribe limits

List of sugar mill machinery manufactured by us Mill House & Power House

  1. Mill House E.O.T. Crane & Gantry
  2. Cane Unloaders, Table Feeders
  3. Cane Cutters, Cane Levelers & Kickers
  4. Cane Carriers, Intercarriers with Chains, Slats. Bagasse Elevators complete
  5. Headstocks, Crown Pinions, Scrappers, Trash Plates, Coupling
  6. Bagasse Baling Presses
  7. All Types of Chains, Slats. Rakes, Sprockets
  8. PowerHouse Crane & Gantry

Boiling House; Clarification House; Bagging House And Centrifugal Accessories
Complete Boiling House Equipment upto 10,000 Tons Per Day Crushing Capacity such as;

  • Automatic Juice Weighing Scales. Water Weighing Scale. Molasses Weighing Scales
  • Juice Heaters – Conventional & Dynamics
  • Semi – Kestners. Falling Film Evaporators. Evaporator bodies, quad set
  • Juice Sulphitation Unit, Milk of Lime Station,Carbonation Tanks
  • Lime Kilns
  • Sulphur Burners – Conventional and Digital
  • Fabricated Right Angle Valves & Double Beat Valves
  • Clarifiers & Filters
  • Calendria Vacuum Pans, Continuous Pans for A, B & C Massectiites
  • Barometric Condensers, Multijet Condensers
  • Crystallizers -Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Seed & Vacuum. Vertical Crystallizers
  • Automation of Pans, P.H. Control, Sulphur Burner, Molasses Conditioners etc.
  • Screw Conveyors.
  • Sugar Melter – Horizontal & Vertical, Magma Mixers
  • Sugar Elevators, Sugar Graders, Hoppers
  • Molasses Storage Tanks, Spray pond
  • Complete Plant Staging and Process Piping. Misc. Tanks


  • Staging & Ducting, M.S. Chimney
  • Return Bagasse Carrier with Chain, Slats etc.
  • IBR Pipe Line