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Paper plant

Paper Plant Equipment

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of highest quality paper making machinery that are in compliance with international standards. Our paper making machines are used in an array of applications, in numerous industry sectors.

Some of the advantages of our paper making machines that make them very reliable and productive include:

  1. Good Structure
  2. Compact Structure
  3. Easy Operating
  4. High Efficiency
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Cost-effectiveness
  7. Heavy Duty
  8. High Speed

We fabricate complete paper making plants for craft paper and straw-board. These plants come with complete range of machines, optional fitments and accessories. The comprehensive product list includes following systems:

Spherical digesters up to 16″ diameter

Continuous digester Rag cutters

Rag beaters, bed plates Hydro pulpers Rotary willows

Calender Rolls Rotary cutters Vulcanising cylinders / Drying cylinders

Blow tanks Stainless steel screw conveyors All type of IBR piping

Thickeners Chest agitators Sole plates

Conveyors Bed plates for machines Vertical lime kilns

Baskets Milk of lime station Lye mixer

Stainless steel parts & tanks Baling presses mechanicals & hydraulic Sulphur Station